Be careful whose eye you catch as you travel through the Midwest as you’ll find out in Cloud S. Riser’s Queen of Stone

Desdemona Richards has always struggled to find love. That’s probably because of the curse of the Gorgon. From birth, she’s always been watched over by three guardian deities that present themselves as snakes. Throughout the years, they judge all who cross her path. Anyone deemed unworthy is conveniently taken out of her life.
Enter Rodney Sabon and Toby Macenroy. One guy Desdemona can’t stand, and the other she likes more than she probably should. One of them is her soul mate. Unfortunately, the guardians can’t agree on which. As their power begins to run dry, so does their life force. If they can’t choose one a guy soon and lift the curse, then not only will they die, but Desdemona will never be doomed to a life of solitude as every man she touches will be turned into stone.

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