Dating can be tough but in N.E. Tennessee it could take you to a whole new level. Find out more in Marie Ahls’ Villainous

Natalie is maneuvering through the dating world like most twenty-something women looking to find her one. She’s living her life within the expectations set by her parents and society, when she stumbles across a man who sparks her interest, but not her desire. On paper he is everything her family could want for her, but he maybe too safe? Determined to see it through in an attempt to change her dating failures…she just might get more than what she expects. Duke has been watching Natalie from afar trying to prove that he is worthy of her and being her one. Hiding his darkest desires from society and making himself appear normal is exactly how he wants Natalie to see him. When Natalie witnesses things Duke never intended her to see, they are thrust into a give and take relationship. Surprising them both, Duke’s dark side comes out to play, but instead of being turned off like she should be, Natalie finds a spark she has been longing for…Will she throw away her old life to follow a villainous desire or will Duke’s darkness be too much for her to handle?

Find out more in the 21 book box set – Possessed by Passion
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