In Nashua, New Hampshire the stunning Victorian houses will catch your eye but you may be surprised at the history hidden behind the beautiful facades.

Although it is 2021, the 1920 murder of a young father by his own wife haunts Ashley Gage as she moves into a Victorian home after a speedy and stunning breakup with her husband.

Haunting can be oh, so good, when the handsome ghost slips into her bed at night and fulfills her sexual desires. How could Priscilla have killed Perry? He’s perfect, Ashley wonders as she glows each day from her carnal exploits, the promise of an expanded home restoration business, and the house of her wildest fancies.

Or is Perry perfect? Ashley discovers a journal written by her lover’s young wife, and the relationship takes a sharp turn that neither Perry or Ashley expects. Find out if a 100-year-old murder, a hidden journal, and a fawning ghost offer Ashley everything she always wanted or become the things of which nightmares grow in Driven by Desire by international bestselling author Rita Delude.

Find out more in the 21 book box set – Possessed by Passion
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