Follow the Enforcer for the Devil’s Skull MC. from Manchester, MD to Berkeley Springs, WV in Murphy Wallace’s Death in the Flames

I’ve been called many things, most of which are true.⁣ But when you’re an outlaw, you wear those words like badges of honor on your cut.⁣ I grew up here. It’s all I know. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. ⁣I’m the Enforcer for the Devil’s Skull MC. ⁣If there’s a job to do, and it requires some extra muscle, it’s me they call.⁣ This job, however, hits way too close to home.⁣⁣When I’m tasked with locating and bringing in the girl responsible for the death of one of our own, I’m more than ready to begin my search. I trailed her family, tapped their phones, and waited for her to call home. I didn’t have to wait long; she’s young, scared, and alone. Finding her was the simple part.
The bring her in part however…
Fugitive. Assailant. Murderer

Three things I never expected to be labeled as.⁣ But life is unexpected. It’s cruel. It’s confusing.⁣ One wrong move, one stupid mistake, and your life is changed irrevocably. ⁣I’ve always been a careful driver. ⁣I rarely speed, I stay in the slow lane. I don’t let myself get distracted.⁣⁣The biker I accidentally clipped with my car was the Vice President of the Devil’s Skull MC. One split-second mistake and I’d signed my own death warrant. They live and die by their own rules. I stopped when he went down, I checked for a pulse, and made sure help was on the way.
Then I ran for my life…

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