If you’re ever in Hazenberg, don’t forget to drop in on the cutest looking butcher in town. Find out more about the sexy slaughterer in Tiffany Carby’s Meet Cut(e)

Agnes Crawford, better known by her friends as Aggie, moves to the small town of Hazenberg, Kentucky, with one goal in mind: she wants everyone to know her name. Hopes of becoming a famous playwright one day, the green writer knows she has to start somewhere and lands herself a job at the local newspaper. The new columnist in town will head up the “Dear Aggie” column among other things. Aggie quickly finds out she needs to be creative to get the townspeople to ask for advice and trust her responses.
One early morning, Aggie runs into Hazenberg’s good looking butcher, Drake Corbin. Or, wait. Maybe he runs into her? Bewitched by his good looks, their meet cute relationship begins and starts the web of lies spun by the sexy slaughterer. As time passes, Drake’s darkness cuts Aggie like a knife and she unravels the secrets he’s hiding. Will Aggie escape their relationship unscathed or will Drake lure her right to where he wants?

Find out more in the 21 book box set – Possessed by Passion
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