Be careful of whose path you cross when you walk through the Bronx, NY as you will find out in N. Isabelle Blanco’s Malice

She called my name.
Such a pathetic little girl, begging for salvation…
She called my name.
Ignorant of the cost,
Of what I’d have to take,
She called my name.
And when I bled her dry,
Gorged on her precious soul,
Ruining us both,
It was me she blamed.
Everything she became is thanks to me.
Everything I’ve lost is thanks to her.
Two centuries of starvation.
Endless seconds of obsession.
A punishment I deserve.
A torment I refuse to accept anymore.
The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans owes me, and she’s made the second greatest mistake of her life.
Her first? When she begged me to drag her from her pit of misery.
Now she’s dared to show herself to me again.
I will spread through her, infect her in the horrible ways she’s done to me. When it’s all said and done, I will remind her that she started this.
Marie set us on this path.
She called my name.

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