Meet the Author – Yolanda Allard

Raised by two sailors who traveled across the United States, Yolanda Allard is a mermaid who seeks adventure wherever she goes.

You can usually find her kicking butt on some of the most beautiful hikes the Pacific Northwest has to offer and might even catch a glimpse of her tail when she takes to the numerous waterfalls she finds along the way.
Yolanda is a young adult fantasy novelist, who also dabbles in paranormal and fairytales. Her novels and stories have won awards and have hit bestseller lists. She is with Crazy Ink Publishing. Her novels are Song of Fire and Illuminous.
She likes to drag her devoted husband and flock of four children on her adventures: hunting wisps, ghosts, and all the magic the world has to offer. Her obsessions include: writing, reading, adventuring, weightlifting, and pulling pranks on her husband.

Gargoyles: Stone Curse

Yolanda Allard has written Gargoyles: Stone Curse for the Possessed by Passion Box Set

“Your whole family is dead; so here’s a bunch of money, a rundown estate on twenty acres, and a chance to live in a po-dunk town in the middle of nowhere.”
Three months after sixteen-year-old Violet Kai moves to the small town of Concrete Washington to receive her inheritance from her late uncle, she starts to get the feeling that not everything is what it seems in the sleepy nook of the pacific northwest. During an impromptu séance with friends that ends up in chaos, Violet learns she was bequeathed much more than she bargained for. Six gargoyles swoop in and save her life, only to inform her that she also inherited them as her wards, an ancestral curse, and a book load of magic. With Violet in town, the gargoyles are awake for the first time in years and Violet quickly learns why they seem to need a magical babysitter. Ready to stretch their wings and go wild, they wreak havoc on her life and even her reality.
Pulled into a new world of magic and stony shenanigans, it’s not all fun and games. Awakened gargoyles also mean awakened demons too, demons who are attracted to Violet and her powers. With monsters of all sorts seemingly running loose, it’s up to Violet and her gaggle of gargoyles to fight and contain them. Demons aren’t the only threat in her midst, when long lost memories start bubbling to the surface, they bring with them betrayal, deep seeded feuds, and strong feelings that Violet isn’t sure any amount of magic can fight.

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