Meet the Author – Olivia Marie

Olivia Marie has a passion for books and animals. She lives in the central Midwest with her husband and two rescue dogs. Marie spends her free time reading, writing, listening to music and enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Her books published with Crazy Ink Publishing include: Unbreakable, Hidden Jewel, Gypsy, and His Village. She also has short stories in these Crazy Ink anthologies: TTYS?, Inside, and Creeps.

Blood Bound

Olivia Marie‘s book in the Possessed by Passion Box Set is Blood Bound.

Alyssa was turned by Regan over a hundred years ago. Instantly embracing her life as a vampire, she thrived as his mate.
The hunt and kill were forplay to them. Both enjoyed the game of seducing their victims and did it better than anyone else.
Until the day she tried to seduce Dylan.
Finding herself falling for a human was a guaranteed death sentence for them both. To make him hers, Alyssa would have to kill her maker and turn Dylan before anyone found out about their forbidden affair. 
Would she have what it takes to be with him or would she have to let her true love go to save him?

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