Meet the Author – Michelle Edwards

All aboard! Romantic adventure awaits!
Travel the world with International Bestselling and Award-winning author Michelle Edwards.
Wife to an Army veteran and fur mom of three, she resides in North Carolina. Born and raised in Maryland, she’s an avid traveller with cruising her preferred way to explore.

Her life and works promise worldwide adventures for curious readers. From military bases to supernatural worlds and back, Edwards brings readers on eclectic adventures that stick with them long after departure.
To date, Edwards is the author of the Hunting the Night Series, Orange Glazed Attractions, and A Warrior’s Soul. Upcoming adventures include:
Whiskey & Orange Slices, Enlisted, Enlisted: North Carolina, Hell’s Guardian, Battle-Scarred, Demonic Destiny.

Demonic Destiny

Michelle Edwards’ book in the Possessed by Passion box set is Demonic Destiny

Who knew a tattoo could change your destiny. Kassandra Mayfield stood outside the house that had been in her family for decades. Her dead mother brought her back here, but it was the tattoo that appeared on her arm that forced her to stay. Theo Webb drew her in from the moment she saw him. Everything about him was captivating, even his demonic presence. Kassandra always knew being a witch would become her new normal, but she never expected her destiny to take such a demonic turn. Secrets are revealed, lives are lost, and her world was changing in ways her body and body weren’t ready for.

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