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International bestseller and award winning author LJC Fynn, who also co-writes with her sister under the name A.L. Marchant, passion is paranormal/fantasy but lately has branched out different genres. So far, nothing is off the table.

During the day, LJC Fynn is a Licensed Optician. When she isn’t making eyewear or understanding prescription issues, she is unfolding the next plot to her story.
She is the author of Hair Trigger, Don’t Hate Me Tomorrow, Teeka, Aniridia, and Scorched in Blood published through Crazy Ink, LLC. She also has many short stories in various anthologies; such as, Mercy from the Dark in Absolution, Et Finalem Regni in Royal Scoundrels book two, Living By Faith in the Seven Virtues duet, and many more. Under the co-write, A.L. Marchant, she has the Young Adult Thirteen Gates Series: Soul Search – book one, Bloodied Soul – book two, and Soul Rider – book three.

Blank Slate

LJC Finn has co-written Blank Slate with Erin Lee for the box set Possessed by Passion

The day eight-year-old James heard his Granddad’s death rattle in a tiny canoe was the day changed everything. Since then, with the ability to foretell, smell and even witness death in the eyes of both strangers and close associates, he’s tried to outrun the curse
But death chases him. It surrounds his every interaction and makes it nearly impossible to get close to anyone. It’s taken him to the shadiest of places – including a prison cell and the darkest of living arrangements. He no longer hopes to escape it. In fact, he welcomes death’s reaper. Until her. She is the first whose final demise is a blank slate. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t see it. She is the one.
But will death finally catch up to her too?

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