Meet the Author – John Watson

Born under a gloomy, grey, Scottish sky, it is perhaps no real surprise that darkness has always felt comfortable to John Watson. After countless hours spent in his local library, he found that he was more at home in the worlds of Clive Barker, Stephen King, and James Herbert than he was in his own. The need to carve out his own niche in the horror genre drove Watson to slice open his mind and let the words spill onto the page.

From donuts to mysterious karaoke bars in the middle of nowhere, Watson mines the depths of the ordinary to find the evil that lurks beneath the surface. He dares you to join him in his ongoing forays into the dark side
Watson is the author of Karaoke Night, Crueller, and Off The Grid.

Hollow-Eyed Girl

John Watson’s book in the Possessed by Passion box set is Hollow-Eyed Girl

What would you do to be famous? Kayleigh Barnes runs a horror movie themed Instagram account that is beginning to gather some steam. Her goal, though, is to make it bigger and better, so that she can become an internet star. When offered the opportunity to Beta test a subscription horror game called “The Hollow-Eyed Girl,” Kayleigh jumps at the chance. Pretty soon, she is granted access to a live online feed showing a girl locked and bound in the basement of an unknown location. The clues that Kayleigh and her friends receive need to be solved in order to save the girl before time runs out. The stakes are raised as the clock winds down. Can Kayleigh and her friends save The Hollow-Eyed Girl?

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