Meet the Author – Eve Corso

Eve Corso grew up in Los Angeles as an avid reader of books. Her life-long dream is to own her own library filled with thousands of much-loved books—all dog-eared from being read over and over.

Corso is also a huge film enthusiast and music lover, and those passions converge in her writing. She loves that books, films, and music can transport people to magical places, can let them live incredible adventures, and even cause some to fall in love.
She has published Esteban & Marialena, a contemporary romance. It’s the first in a three-part series, which she’s calling the Esteban & Marialena Trilogy. The other books of the trilogy are written, but their titles and covers have not yet been revealed.
A project in the works for Corso is a two-part series called A Matter of Timing. Learn more about that and other upcoming publications by following Eve Corso.


Eve Corso’s book in the Possessed by Passion box set is Spellbound

William is a vampire roaming for world in search of anyone who can help him. He no longer wants any part of his vampire world and yearns to end it. There’s just one problem-he’s immortal. Death isn’t going to come easy.
When he finds Marie, the witch he was looking for, he’s surprised and was expecting someone much different. Together, they travel in search for answers and stir up trouble by drawing too much attention to themselves. 
Will she find the perfect spell to end his life and will William be able to fight his temptation for Marie? 
Find out in this epic adventure where together, they are spellbound.

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