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You’ve finished a novel. Now what?

Self-editing can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. From plural possessives to tense, voice, and point of view, ‘Wild Wanda’ has helped the exclusive authors of Crazy Ink Publishing, LLC polish up those final manuscripts and get them in tip top shape for submission for two years. With a career devoted to teaching English, writing and business and a master’s degree in creative writing, Rita Delude (otherwise known as Wanda Sterling from her bestselling and Caught in the Middle novels) is ready to open up her tips and tricks to you!

This easy to read and understand editing self-help guide makes those final manuscript touch ups a breeze. It includes more than 100 ways to polish your words. With clear examples of what NOT to do, it takes the guess work out of writing. If you are an author who loves the story creating but is intimidated by the draft work, Wanda’s got your back. Join her in Wednesdays with Wanda, where she makes editing fun and easy!
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Possessed Meats, Passions & Treats

In Hazenberg, Kentucky, the local butcher is known for meat, but many customers seek out his advice for other recipes as well. Passions pulsate. Destinies collide. The butcher has a new friend who he not only enjoys but enjoys in the kitchen. Drake and Aggie have cooked up some possessed meats, sexy treats, and many other recipes…just for you! Be sure to check out their romance in Meet Cute and Cute Meat!
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The Butcher
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