Day of the Dead

Tonight, 1st November, at 9pm EST, two of the Possessed by Passion authors, Rheanon Nicole aka Zombiebarbie and Diana Register will be locking themselves in a cemetery somewhere in Idaho to promote our amazing 21 ebook box set. There will be games, screams, truth or dare, tons of interaction and maybe even a special guest- ALL LIVE, because YOU will be the only way they can get out. Please join us in the Possessed by Passion party room for the live event.
Diana Register has some thoughts on the event: “Please invite your friends because I’m sooooo scared just thinking about it and we can’t leave without your help so the more the merrier. I mean, the more alive people the better. What if ghosts show up? What if Rheanon gets possessed? What if I have to Kung Fu Casper and I don’t know Kung Fu? What if we get hungry??WHAT IF? HELP!!!”

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