For Better or For Cursed
Alyssa Drake and Bella Emy
A woman’s third fiancé dies under mysterious circumstances, but the truth behind his gruesome death is far more sinister.
Dubbed the “black widow,” Lara Angelov is on a first name basis with the local police department. However, each time she loses a fiancé, Lara has an iron-clad alibi.
Starting over in a new town, Cassius Broxsby hoped to keep his past hidden, but a favor to an old friend lands him in the police precinct, assisting on an unusual case. As Cassius digs, he discovers Lara is hiding a dark secret, one which has imprisoned her for years. Now, Cassius must figure out how to defeat a new type of killer, one he has never faced.Obsession takes on a paranormal dimension in this haunting tale of love and murder.

Blank Slate
Erin Lee and LJC Fynn
The day eight-year-old James heard his Granddad’s death rattle in a tiny canoe was the day changed everything. Since then, with the ability to foretell, smell and even witness death in the eyes of both strangers and close associates, he’s tried to outrun the curseBut death chases him. It surrounds his every interaction and makes it nearly impossible to get close to anyone. It’s taken him to the shadiest of places – including a prison cell and the darkest of living arrangements. He no longer hopes to escape it. In fact, he welcomes death’s reaper. Until her. She is the first whose final demise is a blank slate. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t see it. She is the one.But will death finally catch up to her too?

Cast Stones
Cora Kenborn and
Catherine Wiltcher

My past is a poisoned prayer…Whispered to me by a devil with an angel’s smile.
Fifteen years ago, he stole me from the streets, Only to leave me stranded in a nightmare.
But Luca Esposito isn’t just a painful memory. He’s a front-page headline—an accused killer. And I’m the public defender who set him free. Once again, I’m trapped in his web with blood on my hands.But I didn’t crawl out of the fire to be tossed into an inferno.
There’s a new nightmare coming, And this time we’ll be stranded together.They cast the first stone… We’ll cast the last. My Heaven. His Hell.Our final sin.

The Immortal Stone
Lorah Jaiyn
Malik Ambrose.
Immortal and imprisoned for centuries.
When a coven of witches dabble in black magic, they’re unprepared for what they release.
Statue of granite by day; Hunter by night.
Searching for the one who can end the curse that holds him captive.

Death in Flames
Murphy Wallace
Vicious. Brutal. Savage.
⁣⁣I’ve been called many things, most of which are true.⁣ But when you’re an outlaw, you wear those words like badges of honor on your cut.⁣ I grew up here. It’s all I know. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. ⁣I’m the Enforcer for the Devil’s Skull MC. ⁣If there’s a job to do, and it requires some extra muscle, it’s me they call.⁣ This job, however, hits way too close to home.⁣⁣When I’m tasked with locating and bringing in the girl responsible for the death of one of our own, I’m more than ready to begin my search. I trailed her family, tapped their phones, and waited for her to call home. I didn’t have to wait long; she’s young, scared, and alone. Finding her was the simple part.
The bring her in part however…
Fugitive. Assailant. Murderer

Three things I never expected to be labeled as.⁣But life is unexpected. It’s cruel. It’s confusing.⁣One wrong move, one stupid mistake, and your life is changed irrevocably.⁣I’ve always been a careful driver. ⁣I rarely speed, I stay in the slow lane. I don’t let myself get distracted.⁣⁣The biker I accidentally clipped with my car was the Vice President of the Devil’s Skull MC. One split-second mistake and I’d signed my own death warrant. They live and die by their own rules. I stopped when he went down, I checked for a pulse, and made sure help was on the way.
Then I ran for my life…

N. Isabelle Blanco
She called my name.
Such a pathetic little girl, begging for salvation…
She called my name.
Ignorant of the cost,
Of what I’d have to take,
She called my name.
And when I bled her dry,
Gorged on her precious soul,
Ruining us both,
It was me she blamed.
Everything she became is thanks to me.
Everything I’ve lost is thanks to her.
Two centuries of starvation.
Endless seconds of obsession.
A punishment I deserve.
A torment I refuse to accept anymore.
The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans owes me, and she’s made the second greatest mistake of her life.
Her first? When she begged me to drag her from her pit of misery.
Now she’s dared to show herself to me again.
I will spread through her, infect her in the horrible ways she’s done to me. When it’s all said and done, I will remind her that she started this.
Marie set us on this path.
She called my name.

Electric Man
Diana Register
I was drawn to him. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it was his laugh – the kind of guffaw that starts deep in the belly and rises up into the throat that becomes contagious to everyone close by. Or, maybe it was the way his heart pounded into my chest when he pulled me close, or how his pulse matched my rhythm when I wrapped myself around him. Maybe it was the way his breath felt on my neck when he whispered in my ear or how he gently brushed my hair off my shoulder so that he could kiss it. Maybe it was the way he stared at me. Maybe it was because he could cause me to lose my breath just by saying my name. Maybe it was the way his eyes burned into my skin. Maybe it was the way his demons danced with my soul. Maybe it was because loving him was dangerous. Maybe it was because he was broken. Maybe it was because he was a monster. Maybe it was because he was…The Electric Man.

The Arisen
Rena Marin
Born in the pits of hell, she was meant to unleash darkness upon the earth. A daughter of the Beast, born of Lilith, she was meant to be the ultimate weapon. They never anticipated her power. She wasn’t meant to rebel. Unable to harness her, they banished her to earth where she finally found her true home.
Now the war between good and evil is at its peak, and the home she has made for herself is in danger. When worlds collide and the lives of those she loves are at stake, they will witness the rise of the Phoenix firsthand.
The time has come to prove hell hath no fury…like hers!

Hollow-Eyed Girl
John Watson
What would you do to be famous? Kayleigh Barnes runs a horror movie themed Instagram account that is beginning to gather some steam. Her goal, though, is to make it bigger and better, so that she can become an internet star. When offered the opportunity to Beta test a subscription horror game called “The Hollow-Eyed Girl,” Kayleigh jumps at the chance. Pretty soon, she is granted access to a live online feed showing a girl locked and bound in the basement of an unknown location. The clues that Kayleigh and her friends receive need to be solved in order to save the girl before time runs out. The stakes are raised as the clock winds down. Can Kayleigh and her friends save The Hollow-Eyed Girl?

Blood Like Rain
Tracy A. Ball

Dylan would do anything for his brother. Even if it means riding his motorcycle into hell… Or Rain, a town with a terrible past and a dark secret. They say the trouble is in the water, and that’s partially true. There’s poison in the ecosystem. But, the trouble is in their blood.
Nile could solve his problem. She could save them all. But, she doesn’t want to. When mercy’s a sin, falling in love is not an option.…Not that it matters.

Driven by Desire
Rita Delude
Ashley Gage sells out her half of G & J’s Renovations business to her partner, Rex Johnson, and leaves town after an ugly breakup with her husband of six years, who cheated on her.
She settles in the town of Nashua, New Hampshire and purchases an old Victorian house that needs lots of elbow grease, tender loving care, and talent to bring it back to the splendor of its past. She’s driven to succeed in everything she does, and she knows what this house needs and can do it herself. Just before she signs the deed on the bottom line, the realtor says, “I am legally obligated to tell you that someone died in the house.”
Ashley laughs and signs for the dream house she’s always wanted. Will it become her nightmare or her wish come true?

Meet Cut(e)
Tiffancy Carby

Agnes Crawford, better known by her friends as Aggie, moves to the small town of Hazenberg, Kentucky, with one goal in mind: she wants everyone to know her name. Hopes of becoming a famous playwright one day, the green writer knows she has to start somewhere and lands herself a job at the local newspaper. The new columnist in town will head up the “Dear Aggie” column among other things. Aggie quickly finds out she needs to be creative to get the townspeople to ask for advice and trust her responses.
One early morning, Aggie runs into Hazenberg’s good looking butcher, Drake Corbin. Or, wait. Maybe he runs into her? Bewitched by his good looks, their meet cute relationship begins and starts the web of lies spun by the sexy slaughterer. As time passes, Drake’s darkness cuts Aggie like a knife and she unravels the secrets he’s hiding. Will Aggie escape their relationship unscathed or will Drake lure her right to where he wants?

Blood Bound
Olivia Marie
Alyssa was turned by Regan over a hundred years ago. Instantly embracing her life as a vampire, she thrived as his mate.
The hunt and kill were forplay to them. Both enjoyed the game of seducing their victims and did it better than anyone else.
Until the day she tried to seduce Dylan.
Finding herself falling for a human was a guaranteed death sentence for them both. To make him hers, Alyssa would have to kill her maker and turn Dylan before anyone found out about their forbidden affair. 
Would she have what it takes to be with him or would she have to let her true love go to save him?

Gargoyles: Stone Curse
Yolanda Allard
“Your whole family is dead; so here’s a bunch of money, a rundown estate on twenty acres, and a chance to live in a po-dunk town in the middle of nowhere.”
Three months after sixteen-year-old Violet Kai moves to the small town of Concrete Washington to receive her inheritance from her late uncle, she starts to get the feeling that not everything is what it seems in the sleepy nook of the pacific northwest. During an impromptu séance with friends that ends up in chaos, Violet learns she was bequeathed much more than she bargained for. Six gargoyles swoop in and save her life, only to inform her that she also inherited them as her wards, an ancestral curse, and a book load of magic. With Violet in town, the gargoyles are awake for the first time in years and Violet quickly learns why they seem to need a magical babysitter. Ready to stretch their wings and go wild, they wreak havoc on her life and even her reality.
Pulled into a new world of magic and stony shenanigans, it’s not all fun and games. Awakened gargoyles also mean awakened demons too, demons who are attracted to Violet and her powers. With monsters of all sorts seemingly running loose, it’s up to Violet and her gaggle of gargoyles to fight and contain them. Demons aren’t the only threat in her midst, when long lost memories start bubbling to the surface, they bring with them betrayal, deep seeded feuds, and strong feelings that Violet isn’t sure any amount of magic can fight.

Under the Moonlight
M W Brown
Liam, an alpha male in every sense of the word, meets submissive Beccy online and imagines he’s found the perfect woman. After coaxing her from her remote and reclusive life, he realizes she has more than a sackful of secrets.
An ancient curse, a children’s fairy tale, or madness? Anything seems possible under the moonlight.

Demonic Destiny
Michelle Edwards 

Who knew a tattoo could change your destiny. Kassandra Mayfield stood outside the house that had been in her family for decades. Her dead mother brought her back here, but it was the tattoo that appeared on her arm that forced her to stay. Theo Webb drew her in from the moment she saw him. Everything about him was captivating, even his demonic presence. Kassandra always knew being a witch would become her new normal, but she never expected her destiny to take such a demonic turn. Secrets are revealed, lives are lost, and her world was changing in ways her body and body weren’t ready for.

Eve Corso

William is a vampire roaming for world in search of anyone who can help him. He no longer wants any part of his vampire world and yearns to end it. There’s just one problem-he’s immortal. Death isn’t going to come easy. 
When he finds Marie, the witch he was looking for, he’s surprised and was expecting someone much different. Together, they travel in search for answers and stir up trouble by drawing too much attention to themselves. 
Will she find the perfect spell to end his life and will William be able to fight his temptation for Marie? 
Find out in this epic adventure where together, they are spellbound.

Marie Ahls
Natalie is maneuvering through the dating world like most twenty-something women looking to find her one. She’s living her life within the expectations set by her parents and society, when she stumbles across a man who sparks her interest, but not her desire. On paper he is everything her family could want for her, but he maybe too safe? Determined to see it through in an attempt to change her dating failures…she just might get more than what she expects. Duke has been watching Natalie from afar trying to prove that he is worthy of her and being her one. Hiding his darkest desires from society and making himself appear normal is exactly how he wants Natalie to see him. When Natalie witnesses things Duke never intended her to see, they are thrust into a give and take relationship. Surprising them both, Duke’s dark side comes out to play, but instead of being turned off like she should be, Natalie finds a spark she has been longing for…Will she throw away her old life to follow a villainous desire or will Duke’s darkness be too much for her to handle?

His Soul to Keep
Rheanon Nicole

Too wicked to be in Heaven, too high maintenance to be in Hell. What’s a demon to do?
Meet Holland. A beautiful, evil, sassy, and shamelessly shallow heiress. After her unfortunate accidental death from a drug overdose, she was cast down from Heaven for her stubborn inability to repent from her unashamed sins –How does sleeping with the handsome rich married men God put on this earth call for repenting, I mean what else are they here for? But spit back up from Hell for her remarkable ability to drive her new master, Lucifer insane. Holland was sent back to earth to do what she does best and stay out of Lucifer’s hair…collect men’s souls to add to the devils army of darkness.
But she hasn’t been sent back alone. A tall, dark, and irresistibly handsome demon named Roman has been assigned to escort her and protect her in case her wicked ways get her into too much trouble. Being in the city of angels there’s bound to be some hang-ups. One date with this Succubus and you’ll lose more than just your morals, you’ll lose your soul.
Holland is too much to handle even in the underworld but Roman might just be the one to help her change her Evil ways.

Queen of Stone
Cloud S. Riser
Desdemona Richards has always struggled to find love. That’s probably because of the curse of the Gorgon. From birth, she’s always been watched over by three guardian deities that present themselves as snakes. Throughout the years, they judge all who cross her path. Anyone deemed unworthy is conveniently taken out of her life.
Enter Rodney Sabon and Toby Macenroy. One guy Desdemona can’t stand, and the other she likes more than she probably should. One of them is her soul mate. Unfortunately, the guardians can’t agree on which. As their power begins to run dry, so does their life force. If they can’t choose one a guy soon and lift the curse, then not only will they die, but Desdemona will never be doomed to a life of solitude as every man she touches will be turned into stone.

Neutral Ground
Sian B. Claven

Everything Hangs in the Balance
The balance between good and evil in the world is maintained, not by Angels and Demons, but by Balancers. Supernatural beings that can travel quickly, who strike deals with Demons to cause catastrophes to keep the balance flowing smoothly or the world would be swayed in the favour of good.
That’s what Miles is supposed to be doing, instead, he is trying to find out why another Balancer is missing after visiting a specific Neutral Ground, a place where Demons can visit to unwind without being attacked. The Switzerland of the Supernatural Realm if you will, only this ground is run by a beautiful Supernatural named Lizzie and Balancers aren’t supposed to feel anything, especially not for a fallen angel.

Blood White
Stephanie Ayers

Not all those who wander are truly lost. Some only want to hurt you.
Every thirty years on the anniversary of Mae White’s suicide, the young men of Rickdale succumb to grisly deaths. Tales circulate of a beautiful hitchhiker in a white dress wandering up and down the road by Rickers Creek, crying for her babies and looking for a ride home. Those who pick her up are never heard from again.
The last time Mae showed up, Jennifer Archer’s high school sweetheart disappeared. Now, she fears her son will meet the same fate. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe, even sacrifice herself, but it’s not Jennifer the White Lady wants.
Thirty years have passed, and the anniversary falls on a full moon. The Lady in White wanders again, and this time, she brought reinforcements. All the young men Mae collected over the years roam the night, and Jennifer must face her long lost lover. Can she save them both before they disappear for good?