Yolanda Allard

Raised by two sailors who traveled across the United States, Yolanda Allard is a mermaid who seeks adventure wherever she goes. You can usually find her kicking butt on some of the most beautiful hikes the Pacific Northwest has to offer and might even catch a glimpse of her tail when she takes to the numerous waterfalls she finds along the way.
Yolanda is a young adult fantasy novelist, who also dabbles in paranormal and fairytales. Her novels and stories have won awards and have hit bestseller lists. She is with Crazy Ink Publishing. Her novels are Song of Fire and Illuminous.
She likes to drag her devoted husband and flock of four children on her adventures: hunting wisps, ghosts, and all the magic the world has to offer. Her obsessions include: writing, reading, adventuring, weightlifting, and pulling pranks on her husband.
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