M W Brown

​International bestselling author M W Brown loved reading and writing chilling stories from an early age. At university she studied mathematics and psychology, combining her love of logic and her curiosity of what makes people tick, but it took her several decades in finance to realize where her passion lay and that her imagination needed an outlet.
One day, on a long, boring commute, she discovered her daughter had been playing with the GPS, and an idea popped into her head. It just wouldn’t leave. It kept growing, picking up elements of her favorite genre—horror, until finally, after reading a mediocre book that had managed to become a best seller (her lips are sealed on which one), she thought, “Even I can do better than that. I’m going to write a book.”
Two years later, Portraits in Flesh was published. Unfortunately, because life is never easy, the publishing company closed its door two months later. Thankfully, Erin Lee and Crazy Ink Publishing rode to the rescue. Crazy Ink gave Brown a new home and a place for her to let her dark imagination run free.
Brown has had two novels, Portraits in Flesh and Mirror Maze published, and over a dozen short stories published including ones in these Crazy Ink Publishing anthologies: Art Inspires Words Book 1 and Book 3Bloody BonkersChristmas PastVirtue, Inside, Earth Matters, Creeps, and Beyond Atlantis. In addition, she’s added International Bestselling Horror Author to her list of accomplishments. She wonders why it took her so long to start writing.
Brown loves reading and drawing. She’s a huge Bowie fan and often drops in Bowie references and wonders if anyone spots them.
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