Erin Lee

USA Today Bestselling Author Erin Lee, who also writes as EL George, is a dark fiction/reality/speculative author and therapist chasing a crazy dream one wild story at a time. But she is adventurous enough to delve into multi-genres including sci-fi, romance, YA, vampires, fantasy, and paranormal.
She is a prolific author, as this list attests. Diary of a Serial Killer Series:Jimmie’s Ice Cream, Thing Fifteen, Momma, Cotton Candy, and Lizzie. Psychological/Thrillers: Lola Party of Eight Series: Alters, Host, and Merge; 99 Bottles, The Cell, Dare, Kept, Dangerous Games, Hangman, Twisted Things, and Midnight Kiss. Horror/Dark reads: The Ranch, Moving On, The Cabin, and Daddy’s Girl.Circus Freak Series: Circus Freak, Some, Being Martha, The Contortionist, Star, and Blenders. Escape Reality Series: Greener, Circus Freak, Soul-Less, and Apryl’s Fools.YA/Teen/LGBT: Freak, Scary Mary, and Pretty Bones—the prequel to Boned, and The Ghosts Who Raised Me.Horror: Lizzie, The Haunt, Wendigo, Rotten, Soul-Less, Vegan, When Darkness Whispers, and Pawn Takes All.
Romance/Dark Romance/Paranormal Romance: Something Blue, The Morning After, White Antelope, No Shame, Risking Destiny, Bella Amore, and Unsuitable Companions. Social Work/Family books: Losing Faith, Take Me as I Am, Losing Faith, Wave to Papa, Goodbye Unicorns and Fix Me by EL George. New Adult: Nine Lives, From Russia, With Love, To Hell with Russia, and Boned. Mythology/Fantasy/Other: The Curiosities of Seafoam: An Erin Lee Short, Once Upon A Reality: Twisted Spins on the Classics, Twice Upon A Reality, Third Time’s A Charm?, Crazy Like Me, Love Like Crazy, Shrink Rap, and It’s a Rap? Poetry: Between the Cushions.
She has stories in these anthologies: 13: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction, 13: Déjà Vu, 13: Night Terrors, 13: Resurrection, Carnival of Fear, Carnival of Nightmares, Slashing Through the Snow, Unconditional—ASPCA Charity, Fractured Fairytales: Book One, Craving: Secrets, Craving: Security, Craving: Christmas, Craving: Forbidden, Classic Twists, Wings of the Wicked Box Set, Beyond Oz, Beyond Wonderland, Seven: Virtue, Love (Still) Sucks, What Lies Beyond the Shadows, Desperate Measures Box Set, Love Rocks Box Set, Night, Night Sleep Tight, Shopping List, Volume 2, Beautiful Tragedies Poetry, Mirror, Capture, Insane Insomnia, Unmasking the Ripper, Siren’s Lullaby, After Ever After, Villains Ever After, Freaky Fetish, The End?, Beyond Wonderland, Beyond Oz, Classic Twists, and Infamy. 
Lee has a master’s degree in psychology and works with at-risk families and as a court appointed special advocate. When she isn’t busy dissecting the human experience, she enjoys escaping from reality through reading and a myriad of crazy adventures that will probably one day get her killed. She’s cool with that.
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