Diana Register

Diana Register is a California transplant living in the beautiful state of Idaho. After the death of her young husband, she channeled her grief into a book, hoping to find peace and bring hope to others who were suffering. That book is Grief Life: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Triumph. In her spare time, she loves picking up after her kids, chasing the dogs, vodka, and long walks to the kitchen to find her cabinets bare since her kids ate all the snacks. That life inspired her exceptionally funny book, My Kid Is an Asshole and So Is My Dog. She’s also written a short story for the Crazy Ink Publishing anthology The Family.
When she’s not working or sleeping, she enjoys time with her friends, writing her books and chocolate chip cookies. Coming soon are her books Saving Grace, The Pawn, and Electric Man, so keep following her to find out what’s coming next.
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